Some times you need to create a new user on CentOS, this is how to do it on Vitualmin:

1. Create a new user

When we disable the root login we will need a different user to use to log in – after we login we can then change to the root user or a different user with root rights using the su command

So lets first create a new user:

Navigate to your sites Virtualmin Control Panel:


https://x.x.x.x:10000   ##  where x.x.x.x is you server IP


Then click on the WEBMIN link on the TOP LEFT:

  Virtualmin  Webmin

Click on:

System >>>Users and Groups

Click on:

Create a new user.

Pick and enter a Username

Click on the


Pick and enter a password.

Pick the groups you want the user to be in (optional)

Click on:


This is how to do this via SSH:

Creating a New User in CentOS

1. ssh to your server as root
2. Create a user:  
/usr/sbin/useradd testuser
3. Expire ther user immediately:
  /usr/bin/chage -d 0 testuser
4. Set blank password: 
/usr/sbin/usermod -p "" testuser
5. If you want to set the user’s password:
su testuser


How to: CentOS Virtualmin create new user
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