This is a Linux Backup Script to Backup all the needed Settings and Databases of your Server

It supports both Local and Remote Backups as well as Backup Rotation and can be Automated via Crontab.

The Git Repo can he found here:

Please note that this is still a beta script.

Any pull requests and suggestion welcome!

Author: Dieskim


1. Log in to you server via SSH as root

2. Create a folder where you would like to place the script and move into the folder

mkdir ~/countly-backup-script
cd ~/countly-backup-script

3. wget the backup script


4. Set the script to be executable

chmod a+x

5. For remote backups set up –

6. Edit all the setting in the top of the script.

7. Test the script via

sh -x 2>&1 | tee debug.txt

7. Add Script to Crontab to run daily

7. Add Script to Crontab to run daily

crontab -e

– Choose your editor and add the below to the crontab to run script every night at midnight – save file

00 00 * * * /path/to/countly-backup-script/
How To: Server Backup Script – Local, Remote, Rotate – Automated Daily via Cron
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