This is a simple how to on how to connect and Logitech Non-Unifying mouse/keyboard to a Nano Unifying receiver.

As you might know the  K260+M210 Combo comes with a Large Non-Unifying receiver.


I don’t like carrying that large receiver around so I wanted to connect the M210 mouse to a smaller Nano Unifying receiver I had around – as pictured below.m185-1


1. Plug out All receivers and turn off all keyboards and mice.

2. Download the Unifying Connection software from the link below:

Support Site:

Direct Link:

3. Install the Unifying Software on your Windows PC – If you have a MAC/LINUX – I used a Virtualbox virtual machine and added the USB device to the ports section of the Machine to allow it to mount.

4. Open the Unifying Software

5. Plug in the Nano Unifying receiver

6. Turn on the Non-Unifying M210 Mouse – it will detect!!

7. Confirm.


Now you are ready to use you Non-Unifying Mouse on your Nano Unifying receiver!!

Let me know if you need more info on how to get this to work on MAC/LINUX!

How To: Connect Logitech Non-Unifying Mouse/Keyboard K260/M210 to Nano Unifying Receiver – Windows/MAC/Linux
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41 thoughts on “How To: Connect Logitech Non-Unifying Mouse/Keyboard K260/M210 to Nano Unifying Receiver – Windows/MAC/Linux

  • Thanks so much for your very informative and effective post. I lost my USB for my Logitech K26 Keyboard and M210 mouse last week. Both are very old models which came packaged together a long time ago. I am so used to typing on the K260 keyboard and although I tried some other models as replacement, nothing beats my old keyboard. Hence I was so upset when attempts to find/buy a replacement USB came up empty.

    Was also told that unifying receivers will not work as my model did not have the corresponding logo on the keyboard and mouse and hence was not compatible.

    However, after trying your suggestion / hack, my keyboard came alive … thanks a million!!!

  • K260 will connect as well. Start Unifying app, Add Unifying Device, when prompted to Off – On slider, just pull out and back in the batteries. It will immediately pair and that is it. Good luck

  • need receiver that came with k260 and m210. Can anyone send me one if not using? Alfred Bethea 1646 westview drive Florence SC 29501?

  • I have a non-unifying M185 and K270, known as the MK270 combo. Neither the mouse nor keyboard will connect to the nano receiver that I have.

    Where did you buy your nano receiver?

  • That’s not a unifying receiver.. It’s just a nano receiver.. Logitech products come with either the standard nano receiver or unifying receiver.

  • i just downloaded the latest unifying s/w
    M210 mouse (non-unified) connected with battery out/in
    the K260 keyboard (non-unified) would not connect

    I re-ran the unifying s/w as administrator (windows 7) and the K260 battery out/in then connected ok

  • Thank you for the hint.
    Used the Unifying-Software to pair a M210 (non unified) and a M187 (unified)
    The Trick is: you have to Switch the Mouse off and then on when asked for.
    For the M210 having no power-switch you have to take the battery out.
    In my case (Win10) it works.

  • Tried all the instructions but it doesn’t work. I have an M510 mouse with a unifying receiver. There is no way to turn off a K260 keyboard other than removing the batteries so I did that. After a few minutes I set the software up to look for other devices, put the batteries back in and waited. Tried it umpteen times. Tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling but it does not recognise non-unifying devices. I even tried it with the previous mouse, an M210, and it does not recognise that either. I can only assume that perhaps an older version of this software allowed it but the current version doesn’t.

  • For everyone who says this works, what do you do when the unifying software states “the logitech device is non-unifying, use the receiver the device came with”? In my case, i just paired a unifying K800 keyboard to a unifying receiver but it will NOT pair a “non” unifying logitech m185 mouse. It either doesn’t work on any non-unifying devices or at least, some devices are compatible and I just don’t have a compatible mouse, time to plunk down money on a unifying mouse, i will just have a spare receiver I guess.

  • i have b175 mouse with receiver and k260 key board without receiver how can i connect this key board i have windows 10 os

  • Dear sir,

    I have lost receiver for K260 keyboard.

    I have purchase unifying receiver 993-000439.

    Follow all the steps you mentioned but still unable to connect.

    Please help.

  • I noticed that the nano receiver in your picture is NOT unifying. It does not have the sun logo, but instead it says “nano receiver”. Would this work with an actual unifying receiver? I have and old M305 mouse very dear to me that came with the receiver depicted in your image. If I buy a receiver with the unifying logo, will it work?


      1. Infelizmente não funciona. Eu tenho um mouse antigo m305 (non-unifying), acabei comprando o nano receptor (unifying). Baixei os 2 aplicativo citados, o aplicativo non-unifying não reconhece o receptor, o aplicativo unifying reconhece o receptor mas diz que o mouse não é compativel com o receptor. =´(

        1. Unfortunately it does not work. I have an old mouse m305 (non-unifying), I ended up buying the nano receiver (unifying). I downloaded the 2 applications mentioned, the non-unifying application does not recognize the receiver, the unifying application recognizes the receiver but says the mouse is not compatible with the receiver.

          1. Do you mean you’ve connected a unifying receiver to a non-unifying device? I’ve combo K360 and M185. Both don’t have a unifying symbol and I’ve lost the original receiver that came along. I have another unifying receiver but that doesn’t seem to be working with this pair.

  • Hi, thanks for your tip. I have a recently bought combo Logitech 330 keyboard-mouse, but I couldn’t make it work in my laptop Sony running Windows 7: Unifyng software says: “no unifyng device found”. It seems that all is about the drivers but I couldn’t find them anyware (I live in Cuba and Logitech is blocked to us!!!). Instead, in my acer Netbook with Windows8.1 it works fine (Unifying finds both keyboard and mouse already pared). I’ll appreciate your help to make it work in Windows 7. I have even installed the new Setpoint software but it cann’t find my new 330 kit (I had an old combo and it find it and works Ok).