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201 thoughts on “How to: Alipay Account Sign Up / Set Up and Verification for Foreigners in China 2014

  • For all of those who found this page and tried following the steps to set up Alipay just as I did, some of the steps are meanwhile outdated and the options you need to choose are not there anymore. After a call with the hotline it turns out that meanwhile the website version does not have all the features available in the mobile phone app. Registering using the mobile phone app including bank account verification was very smooth and without problems. Search online for guides setting up Alipay via the app.

  • Hi I have 2 Alipay accounts with 2 separate phone numbers, how can I link them? Or even change the phone number on one of the accounts to combine into one? It says I can log in on a PC to link it, but I’m afraid if I sign up or register on a PC it’s going to become more confusing. Any suggestions?