This is a short guide on how to flash the Global Rom to a Chinese WCDMA / China Unicom version of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S so that you can add Google Play and Services and remove all the Trashy Chinese Apps.

1. Download the FULL Redmi 1S-WCDMA Global from the following Link

2. Rename the file to

3. Copy the file to a SD CARD and insert into phone

4-A Open Updater app from the launcher (if you dont have the app follow step 4-B) , press the Menu button – Select installation file. Choose the ROM pack you want to flash from the SD CARD, and select Update now.

Xiaomi Redmi Global Rom Flash

4-B If 4-A was successful you dont need step 4-B
If you do not have the Update app on the phone
– Copy File from SD Card to Phone Root
– Turn off the Phone
– Start Phone into Recovery Mode – Hold Volume UP + Hold Power button together
– Use volume buttons to navigate down and select English with Power Button
– Use volume buttons to navigate down and select “Install” to System

5. BE PATIENT and WAIT – until everything installs and the phone restarts and you should now have the new rom.

How to: Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi 1S Flash Global Rom to Chinese WCDMA / China Unicom Version – Add Google Play
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