Add the Message of the Day and Banner lines to the SSH config:




PrintMotd yes

The option PrintMotd specifies whether the ssh daemon should print the contents of the /etc/motd file when a user logs in interactively. The /etc/motd file is also known as the message of the day.

Uncomment and add path to banner like so:

# no default banner path 
Banner /etc/ssh/banner

Add the Message of day file:

vim /etc/motd 

Paste this in the file: VPN Server 1 
This service only listens on port XXX
Do NOT close this window or you will terminate the tunnel. 
(CTRL-C to terminate connection)

 Add the Banner file:

vim /etc/ssh/banner

Paste this in the file:

Welcome to VPN Server 1


How to: CentOS Vitualmin SSH Welcome message – MOTD and Banner
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