Once you have successfully setup Virtualmin on your server (See How to Setup Virtualmin on CentOS 5 ) we now have to do the basic setup of Virtualmin:

simply use your browser to navigate to the Virtualmin control panel:



https://x.x.x.x:10000   ##  where x.x.x.x is you server IP

The setup guide should popup and help you through everything – its pretty easy.

Email, Spam, Virus Settings:

For a really low Memory system – I would suggest you use all the low memory options (Mostly NO) and just later turn off all the unneeded processes and run your mail through a Google apps account or something similar.

MySQL Server setting:

Do not use the setting that matches your system memory – use one setting lower – you can always change the MySQL settings later and give it more memory, rather than having it make your system run out of memory before you even get things running.

Name Server Settings:

If you are going to run your own nameservers set them to something like.

Primary nameserver:   ns1.example.com

Secondary nameservers:    ns2.example.com

Check the –



Choose the – Only store hashed passwords – option ## Its just SAFE!


Now it should be done and you can click the – Refresh Configuration – Button

Next we need to Setup a Firewall, harden our SSH and FTP, turn off all the unneeded programs and change whatever else we need.


How to: CentOS 5 and Virtualmin Firewall Init Script

See my Low memory system setup Server hardening and Basic Setup guides that follow.

How to: Virtualmin Post-Installation Wizard

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